Fresh Eyes Please

Being hired to photograph a couples special day is a huge responsibility, even more-so when it’s in a totally different country. I have flown to some stunning locations to cover weddings. My favourite so far, would probably be a Spanish villa that used to be an olive farm, cobblestone courtyard, flowers all around, great people & some truelly stunning scenery.

If you know a local photographer whom you like, ask them can they travel. Sometimes the photographer at your chosen destination venue may not speak fluent English & this can create a slow moving day.

You both being relaxed & enjoying the day is the top priority. 

Bringing along your own photographer, can also mean that you get unique photos, as the resort photographer will be taking the same photos every single weekend. If you bring your own photographer they will be eager & excited to be working somewhere new & will result in some creative shots to look back on in years to come

As part of our destination wedding packages, we offer an extra day of photos. This is normally the day after the wedding & is done the 2 or 3hrs before sunset. The last destination wedding we done was in Majorca & the newly weds (and myself) ended up in the sea for some awesome images above and below the sea. So much fun.

If you’re thinking of getting married abroad, come chat to use & we’ll help out where we can & draw up a personal quote, just for you. You can contact us here or at this link…

Thank you. 




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