Last Full Day in Simonstown

Sunday 4th Jan 2015

Thismorning, I woke up around 8am. I started breakfast, 2 soft boiled eggs. At 10am we were getting picked up by a tour company and brought to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. We got picked up shortly after 10am and started the 25km drive to the Cape. It was R300 ($30, £22) for the tour, the the entrance fee of R110.


Once we were through the gates, we drove for another 15minutes to the main carpark at Cape Point, got out and the guide told us we had an hour to walk to the lighthouse at the top and be back at the car. It only took 10mins to reach the top, we stopped at a few places along the way to get some photos and sneak over the walls to sit closer to the cliff edge for better shots. Stephs boyfriend had given her a mini bottle of Jack Daniels to drink while she was here, so I took a few photos of her boozing on the cliff, haha.

Back at the car, the guide said it would be at the Cape of Good Hope in 10mins. The guide said it is the most Southerly point of Africa, but think that’s wrong, I’m near sure the most Southern part of Africa is the Cape Agulhas, not 100% on that though.

When we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, we had 15mins to go get photos, aso we headed straight for the cliffs where the huge waves were smashing against the rocks. There was only 3 people there so we stayed clear of the crowds. Took a little bit of climbing to get there, but when we did it was such a buzz. I got a few photos and seen that a huge wave was coming in, so I thought I had pressed the video button to start, but I didn’t, the GoPro just took a photo. Steph had moved further back inland slightly, the wave hit the cliff below us, completely soaked one side of me, I thought the GoPro was still recording so I turned and pointed it at Steph and the wave also hit another part of the cliff nearer her and the wave absolutely drenched her. Once the spray had died down, she just stood there, hair and clothes soaked in seawater. I was a little annoyed that I didn’t actually record any of the soaking. Definitely a highlight of the last full day here. The photo below shows the the place where we stood and a smaller wave hitting the cliff behind it, and some random guy is in the shot.


Back at the car and the guide said it was fine to get into the car, even though we were both wet. On the way out, we seen a few baboons walking along the road, then before long we where back at the tour companies headquarters in Simonstown and I was getting my airport transfer for tomorrow booked in and Stephanie stood outside in the sun trying to dry off some more. The guide then dropped us off at the apartment.

We were hungry by now, the burger shop was closed being a Sunday, so we made pasta and tomato sauce with chicken. The two of us sat out in the patio area overlooking the Simonstown part of False Bay and ate our lunch/early dinner.


When we had finished, Stephanie check train times and finished packing her bags. We were soon on our way to the train station to part ways. We only sat for about 15minute before the train popped its nose around the corner, Steph gave me a big hug and said thanks for everything and before I knew it, she was on the train and heading back to Cape Town. We had spent every day together for the last 4weeks together, apart from two. We will definatly keep intouch though. I’ve met some really great people this last week and on the tour with Tucan Travel, wouldn’t change any of it.


The rest of the evening was spent packing my own bags and tidying the apartment, as I had to check out at 10am tomorrow morning, then I was being picked up at 10:30am for my transfer to Cape Town airport, but my flight wasnt until 6pm. At least I’d be early.

When Steph arrived in Cape Town, she sent me through a photo collage of the last week.



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