Kalk Bay Day

Saturday 3rd Jan 2015.

Woke up at 9am and Stephanie was making breakfast thismorning, so she was up and in the kitchen making toast and eggs. It was a good breakfast, then we got ready and jumped on the train to Muizenberg which is a few stops along the coast.


When we arrived, we started walking along the beach back the way we came. The plan was to walk as far back as possible towards the apartment. We walked passed colourful cabins on the beach front and hundreds of people playing in the sand and sea. It was such a calm day, really nice to walk along the shore and watch everyone having so much fun. We walked as far as Kalk Bay then spent the rest of the time there.

We were hungry again, so we went to a cool restaurant by the beach. We ordered pizza, fish and chips, icecream, wine and beer.


The wine, the pizza, the beers and the ice-cream where tasty. After the food, we sat and watched everyone stand on the edge of the tidal pool and try and stay there when the huge waves crashed against the wall, it was very funny. In the photo below, there are people under that wave, hahaha.


We then took a walk around Kalk town itself, which like every other town on the coast, it’s basically a street. We done some shopping and stopped at a cake shop, yeah more food, and bought a huge slice of chocolate cake with marshmallows on the top and 2 mint lemonade drinks.


As we sat there I seen a young girl asking her dad for money to give to homeless child. The litle guys face lit up. Somwone else bought him an icecream and he sat there with a big smile on his face and the ice-cream didn’t last that long. We finished up with the food and then went for one last walk about, just as the light rain started. We walked across to the train station and waited for our train, hopefully arriving in 20minutes.


We caught the train, and were soon walking up the steep hill to the apartment and Stephanie started packing her bags, as she was leaving tomorrow afternoon to head back to Cape Town.

The rest of the night was spent in the apartment watching a few films, chatting and drinking some wine.

Tomorrow is a trip to Cape Point before Stephanie leaves.


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