Penguins, Tattoos and Wine

Friday 2nd Jan.

Today was a nice long lie in until 9am’ish, didn’t really checked the time.

The both of us got up, showered and ready to go to the beach with the penguins. We started walking and again as I knew from the other day, it was a long walk. We broke up the walk, stopping for chocolate croissants, then again in Jubilee Square for a proper breakfast around 11am. The restaurant we had our breakfast in was really nice, it was overlooking the harbour, which was buzzing with tours leaving on boats, canoes and kayaks, though it wasn’t noisy. Really cool place.


After breakfast we walked a further mile or 3, until we reached the first entry to the penguin colony, took a walk around the boardwalks so Stephanie could get some photos, I had taken loads of photos the other day when I was here. We then exited the boardwalk, then walked another bit along and went in and actually on to the beach, with the penguins. The sandy beach area was full of tourists, and no penguins, sunbathing and playing in the cool water, so we walked on round and climbed on to the huge boulders to a quieter part and sat on the rocks and watched the little waddlers swim around us and clamber ashore.


As we sat there, penguins just doddled passed us. Could have reached out and touched them lots of times, very surreal place. I was comfy where I was but Stephanie got up and took a walk around a short distance to a sandy area where there were a few more penguins. The part of the beach that had to be crossed was under shallow water and the waves were smashing of the boulders and splashing back on people walking passed who had timed it wrong, so I had a feeling Stephanie was goinng to get soaked, so I had the camera ready, and I was right,  haha. See the below photo.


We both really enjoyed this place and it was great ro chill out properly by the sea and in the sunshine. I think we lay there for 2 hours at least, then we were heading back into the ‘centre’ of Simonstown. I say centre, but it’s really just one straight road with shops either side, I was thinking Jubilee Square was the main centre, and even it was just at the side of the road. On our way back we made our way to a tattoo shop that I pointed out to Stephanie on the way past earlier. She has silhouette tattoos of small birds on her side and she was looking to get one added for S.Africa. We called in and she got it done. As you can tell from the photo below, she loved having her photo taken during the tattoo…


When tattoo was done, we went and got a huge burger and chips at the place I ate at the other day. We both went for a burger that was called the Colt 45. It had a huge burger in it, lettuce, lots of bacon chunks, tomato, cheese, fried egg and onions. Really nice burger and the couple who owned the place and worked there offered us a lift home because we were chatting and said we couldn’t be bothered walking the whole way back home. They said they would be locking up in about 30mins, so we chatted and waited. They were really nice people, always smiling and laughing.


They dropped us off and we opened a bottle of wine and sat out the front of the apartment and chatted and swapped the days photos we took at the penguin beach. The rest of the night was spent inside watching films and taking things easy.

Was good to get a relaxing day apart from a bit of a walk.

Tomorrow I think the plan is to head to St.James for a nosey.



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