More Swakopmund

Tuesday 23rd Dec.

Woke up around 7:30am, went and had breakfast. We were picked up at 9:30am and driven to the sandboarding dunes in the Namib desert. The dunes looked huge and there was a jump right at the top of it. I haven’t done any snowboarding, skiing or sandboarding before but I was determined to get a leap off the jump by the end of the season, travel insurance will cover any broken bones, haha.


The first few test runs went ok, a few crashes on the way down, so after the 3rd run down the slope, I decided to go for a jump. I was surprised how well it went, landed on my feet, glided for a bit. . . . . . then fell on my ass. When I climbed the whole way back up to the top again, we were given the chance to lie down on boards and speed down the other side of the dune on our bellies. The first run I got 72kph and when I was stopping, I hit a mound of sand and went head first into it and my feet went up in the air and over my head, the guy with the speedgun shouted “scorpion stop” and laughed, on the 2nd run I got 74kph and had a better stop. So it was one last hike up to the top again for one last jump.

I took off the GoPro and went slightly down the slope so I could get some photos of Dan, Adam and Stephanie going off the jump. The shots turned out well. Climbed back to the top of the dune, put on my boots, clamped myself onto the board, attached the GoPro and started it recording. I had a slight stumble before the jump, but i got back up and straight of the edge. Landed, then hit the sand, ass first. I had the strangest urge to stand up and see how fast I could go down the rest the slope, so thats what I done.

I was racing down the dune and was really speeding, then I lost my balance and the next thing I know I’m doing somersaults down the dune, but never fear, my GoPro was recording and so was Dans and so was the camera mans that was filming the days activities. My face was covered in sand after the BIG tumble.When I finally stopped tumbling, I just put both arms up to let everyone know I was fine.


Back to the van for a light lunch and beers, then a few selfies and a short video in the desert before we were dropped back at the accommodation and told to meet at 6pm to view the dvd of the day. The dvd was included in the activity which was good.


When we all got to our rooms, it was straight to the showers to get rid of all the sand, and there was lots of it. After that I lay on my bed and read for a while, then it was time to head to the sandboarding place to view the dvd. We  were each given a pen and paper to write down the numbers of any photos we wanted put on a disc, it was N$20 (Namibian dollars) per image, which is about $2 U.S.

I ended up buying 6 photos, 2 of them were my big wipeout (faceplant) into the sand at the very end.


On the walk back from the activity place, Adam and Nikita went and got something to eat, Dan went back to get Heidi then go for something to eat, Stephanie and I went to the supermarket and bought some stuff to eat, which included a large chocolate cake. It was a nice relaxing evening and was very much needed. I think there will be some of us who will have aches and pains in the morning.


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